For Seekers of Startup Internships


1.  Craft  LinkedIn Profile: Begin by crafting an impressive LinkedIn profile. A well-presented profile serves as your digital first impression. Dedicate about 2 hours to refine it, focusing on showcasing your skills and aspirations. Consider researching ‘how to create an amazing LinkedIn profile’ for detailed guidance.

2.  Network w/Alumni: Aim to send 100 connection requests weekly to alumni with titles like ‘founder’, ‘owner’, or ‘entrepreneur’.   At Campbell University, we have 751 alumni with these titles. When sending requests, include a personalized message that reflects your interest in their entrepreneurial journey, without immediately seeking internships. For instance, you might write, “Hi [Name], I’m a Campbell student passionate about startups. I’d love to learn about your venture. Could we chat next Thursday morning or Friday afternoon, perhaps during your commute?

3.  Engage New Connections: After making a new connection, follow up by proposing a specific time for a brief phone conversation. This approach demonstrates your initiative and interest in their experiences. Remember, the quality of these interactions is more important than the quantity.

4.  Prep for Info Interviews: Prepare thoroughly for each informational interview. Research their business and, if possible, think of ideas or insights that could benefit them. This not only enhances your learning but also showcases your proactive thinking.

5.  Results: Conducting ~50 informational interviews will not only broaden your perspective but result in multiple internship offers.

From the Founder

It was 2011 and my job as a business banker in downtown Durham was to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs in the area.  They were so inspiring and I loved being immersed in a growing ecosystem of innovation.  Eventually it was obvious that one of my professional purposes was to connect young people to local business leaders and innovators.  We led our first program in the summer of 2012 in Durham and have since executed programs in 20+communities around North Carolina and Virginia.

When I’m not working with communities and schools on summer programs, I lead entrepreneurship at Campbell University (south of Raleigh, NC).   Living in Hillsborough, NC and getting outdoors (mountain biking, landscaping, hiking) as much as possible with Angie, Olivia, Andrew, and Kathryn is what continues to keep me going.