CTE Connect

Connecting students to CTE Clusters

The CTE Network

Engage CTE professionals to be guest speakers, host field trips, etc


Auto Connect

Automatically connects w/local CTE professionals each week



Invite local professionals to support your efforts

(5%of funds raised)

Alumni Network

Keep track of graduates from your school via LinkedIn


Summer Career Accelerator

Immerse students into local business community is the summer


Portrait of a Grad Builder

Students create online portfolios based on Portrait of a Grad


LinkedIn Student Training

Usually for Graduating Seniors who are ready to engage the real world


Professional Development

Virtual and In-Person Engagements with CTE Professionals

(Email for Custom Quote)

Iron Man Keynote Speaker

Help your students navigate the world with tech such as AI


What Students Are Saying

It’s been so great to talk to local business leaders and get their advice. You’ve got to make your pathway before your start walking on it.

I have been able to go into businesses and talk to professionals and high ranking individuals. I hope to go into a pharmaceutical track for my career.

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